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Who Do We Rent to?

We rent to families, married couples, or responsible adults over the age of 25. Proof of marriage under age of 25 is required. The person that makes the rental should be present in and use the lodging as his or her residence.

Secure Payments.

All payments are made through our secure program. Your privacy and financial safety is very important to us.

How Do I Pay?

A deposit of half of the rental amount is due when reservation is made. Final balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival. Personal check will be accepted if received 30 days prior to check-in. Acceptable payment is certified check, money order, and travelers checks. Credit cards are subject to a 2.5% credit card fee. Guest must sign the lodging agreement and return to Shoreline Properties within ten(10) days or agent reserve the right to cancel. NO PERSONAL OR BUSINESS CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED ON DAY OF CHECK IN.

Last Minute Reservations

If a last minute reservation is made, there are no refunds for cancellations at any time. We strongly recommend that you purchase trip insurance if you feel for any reason that you might have to change your plans. Last minute reservations made within 20 days of arrival require immediate payment of at least half of the rental amount on a credit card. If you decide, you must pay the remaining balance via overnight mail in cashier check or money order. Overnight mail must include certified fund and signed lease agreement.

Insurance – Damage Protection

The signing occupant of the unit is financially responsible for any damage to a property, whether made by himself, his family, or his guests. We have implemented a policy to relieve you of the worry of the accidental damage. You have two options of how to insure your stay. We recommend that you use our damage waiver program. You receive more coverage, for less money up front.

Damage Waiver Program: A $65 non-refundable "Damage Waiver Program" fee will be added to your reservation. We realize accidents happen and this will eliminate the possibility of charges for minor accidental damages. This covers accidental damage up to $1,000. The signing occupant will still be responsible for damages that are deliberate.

Damage Deposit Program: The occupant can pay a damage deposit to cover accidental damage of the unit for up to the amount of the deposit made. Any damages in excess of the deposit made will be billed to your account. If the unit is inspected and seen in good condition, the deposit may be refunded to you 30 days after departure.

Insurance- Cancellation Protection

Protect your deposit through the CSA. This program is optional, but helpful if you want peace of mind traveling. Please contact CSA at 866-999-4018 if you have any questions.


All units rented weekly, have bedspreads, pillows, dishes, flatware, cooking equipment and toasters. BRING your own linen, light blankets, towels, extra pillows, personal toiletries, and cleaning and laundry supplies. BRING any special items that you find necessary for your comfort and convenience. If you are not sure if the unit has it, bring it. Sleep sofas are provided in most apartments, however, they are meant for the use of an overnight guest or small children. You have the option to rent linens, the package includes regular sheets, pillow cases and 10 towel sets. Each towel set includes one bath towel, one hand towel, and one face towel. Linens will be delivered to the property on the day of arrival. On check out, please put all sheets, pillow cases, and towels together where it is easily accessible.

We know you love your pets, but they must stay at home.

If you are found to have a pet in a unit, you will be evicted and charged $200 for the cleaning and fumigation of the unit.

Every unit has a maximum occupancy that must be respected.

Ocean City has city ordinances.

Please read into Ocean City’s ordinances.

Check-in Policies

Check in starts at 3 p.m. the day of arrival. You must check in at Shoreline Properties, NOT at your rental location. We will give you your keys, parking pass, and pool passes. If you are going to arrive after office hours, please call ahead so we can accommodate you.

Late Arrivals

If you know you are going to arrive late, please call our office, during office hours. Our office hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. We can work with you. Unless notified, Guests arriving more than twenty-four hours late will lose all deposit money and forfeit all rights to the property.

Check-out Policies

Check out is promptly at 10 a.m. the day of departure. You are responsible to return all keys, parking passes, and pool passes. You are required to leave your unit in good condition. Be sure to remove all food from the refrigerator, and all trash from the property. Dishes must be left clean, and beds made. Check for any items left behind, and close all windows and doors. Try to keep the unit the way you found it. If you have rented linens, please put all sheets, pillow cases, and towels together where it is easily accessible.


Plans change. We understand. All cancellation should be made in writing. The receipt of deposit is considered confirmation of your booking. Reservations canceled within 24 hours after deposit will be charged $98 cancellation fee. Any cancellation after the first 24 hours will be subject to regular cancellation and will result in loss of that deposit, unless rental agent is able to re-rent the apartment. If re-rented, a 16% service charge of the total rent will be made and the balance of the deposit will be refunded to the lodger. Property deposits cannot be exchanged or transferred for other properties. If final balance is not paid 30 days prior to your arrival date Shoreline Properties reserves the right to cancel. No refunds due to "Acts of God."

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