Get Your Greek On!

Ocean City is a place where people of all creeds, ethnicities, sexualities, and more come together. One way this is expressed is with our annual Greek Festival! Every day from July 28th through the 31st, head on down to the Convention Center on 40th Street and experience all things Greek!

Starting at noon, enjoy authentic Greek food, music, and performances! There are so many delicious choices: lamb shank, dolmathes, spanakopita, baked lemon chicken, pastitsio, tiropitas, Greek salad, gyros, moussaka, and dessert choices like Baklava, rice pudding, and loukoumathes! When you’ve eaten your fill, dance to the music of Golden Flame and watch the Greek dancers.

But that’s not all! You can enter the “Best Odds in Town” raffle for a 1 in 200 chance to win $10,000! Admission and parking are totally free and the entire place is handicap accessible.

Shoreline Properties humbly invites you to feel like a Greek at the 28th Annual Ocean City Greek Festival! It’s fun for the whole family!

Don’t Get Spent— Rent!

Vacations are fun, but, boy, are they expensive! And sometimes, no matter how much you prepare, you get here and realize you forgot something! What do you do? Well, stress no more! So many things you need are available for rent! Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for daily rentals all along the beach. We have several bike rental shops in town, in case you need a more convenient way to get around. You can also rent wheelchairs, cribs, linens, and so much more! Ask your friendly local rental coordinator for more details!

Huk Big Fish Classic 2017!

Don’t miss the fourth annual fishing tournament extravaganza on July 28th through 30th! Down at the Talbot Street Pier, witness some of the biggest fish you’ve ever seen! Competitors try to catch marlin and tuna, each hoping to have the biggest and heaviest one! You can watch all of the excitement and try to win cool prizes absolutely free! 32 hours of fishing is sure to bring back fish worthy of memorializing on the tournament t-shirts! And don’t miss out on the weigh-ins from 4pm to 9pm each night. You won’t want to miss the moment a team wins over $300,000! Experience fishing like never before at this event to end all events!

Our Top 5 Activities at the Famous Ocean City Boardwalk!

One of Ocean City’s most famous attractions is our two and a half-mile long Boardwalk and fun-filled Inlet! There’s so much to do, from rides to shopping to enjoying the local cuisine! Here are Shoreline Properties’ five favorite things to do at the Boardwalk:

  1. Thrasher’s Fries- It’s not a trip to the Boardwalk without a stop at Thrasher’s! They are always made fresh with plenty of options for extra flavoring, including salt and vinegar! Everyone loves Thrasher’s- even the seagulls! If you’re looking for a delicious treat to eat, stop by our world-famous fry stand!
  2. The Slingshot- There are so many amusement park rides to choose from, but this one will really give you an adrenaline rush! Get strapped into a metal ball and catapulted into the air! You’ll feel like you’re flying as your soar above the Inlet and drop back down to the ground. You can even take home a video of your ride so you can relive it over and over again! If you’re spoiling for a thrill, this is one ride you don’t want to miss.
  3. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum- If you’re a fan of unbelievable history and oddities, you have to check out this museum! It’s filled with things that will blow your mind, from mind-boggling science to optical illusions to the wildest things in history! One of our employees loves it so much, she’s been there five times! Don’t pass up the opportunity to have your mind blown and your core shaken!
  4. The Inlet Village- If you’re not finding any cool souvenirs in our many souvenir shops, head down to the very end of the Boardwalk and discover a hidden group of adorable little shops. They have everything, from clothing to toys to kitschy knick-knacks! Explore this little-known hot spot of wonder and find something that will help you remember your vacation forever!
  5. Kohr Bros.- While there are many sweet treats to choose from, Kohrs remains one of Ocean City’s longest-running Boardwalk attractions. There are so many flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from, and you can even combine flavors! You can put whatever toppings you want on your yogurt, including sprinkles and granola. You can also choose whether you want it in a cup or a cone! With so many different choices, you just might have to make more than one visit to our most popular frozen yogurt shop!

There is so much more to do at the Boardwalk and Inlet, but nothing beats these attractions. Next time you head down to our famous Boardwalk, make sure you check out each of them and make the most of your vacation!

Stay Safe on Your Vacation!

Ocean City is a great place to be! There’s so much fun to be had and plenty of ways to relax. But with all the visitors, it can get a little hectic. Shoreline Properties would like to provide you with a few tips to stay safe on your summer vacation.

  1. Please use the crosswalks when crossing the highway. No one wants to wait to have fun, but jaywalking is not only dangerous but illegal. Please bare in mind that there is lots of traffic in the summer going very fast and utilizing the crosswalks is the best way to get from here to there. Wait for the crosswalk light to tell you it’s safe to cross and then head on over to whatever exciting attraction you wish!
  2. Please drive safely and stay with the flow of traffic. There’s a lot of stop-and-go traffic in the summer, so watch out for the cars around you. Additionally, watch out for the bikers in the bike lane. They cannot go as fast as motor vehicles and are in a far more vulnerable position that you. Be aware of your surroundings and drive safe.
  3. Please watch for cars when you ride your bike in the bike lane. While you are entitled to ride in that lane, keep in mind that you are vulnerable on the open-air, slow-moving bikes. If a car gets into the lane behind you, move onto the sidewalk until they pass. At night, be sure you have reflective gear on your bike and that you wear bright colors so you can be seen. Stay vigilant and bike safely.
  4. Please be careful on balconies. Never sit on the railing or concrete guarding. Keep an eye on children sticking their heads between the bars. Don’t let small children on the balcony unsupervised. Balconies are for relaxing and taking in the view, not accidents.
  5. Stay updated on the tides. Swim carefully in rough waves. Always obey the lifeguards. If you find yourself stuck, swim sideways instead of forward. Never leave children unattended. We want your ocean experience to be both safe and fun!

As long as you follow these tips, you’ll be A-okay all vacation long. Shoreline Properties cares about our guests and aims to ensure you have the best vacation possible. Stay safe, and you’ll find Ocean City has a lot more to offer!

Explore the Eastern Shore!

There’s lots of fun things to do in Ocean City. But did you know there’s more fun to be had on the Eastern Shore? If you’d like to branch out this vacation, Shoreline Properties has a great list of things you can do all over our wonderful peninsula!

  1. Head over to Assateague Park for all kinds of fun! Walk the trails and see historical landmarks. Go visit the famous Assateague ponies! Spend a day on the beach for a more peaceful ocean experience. There’s so much to see at this amazing park!
  2. Go experience all the excitement of Frontier Town! Spend a day at the water park or ride the zip line. Go fishing, play mini golf, or take part in one of the many daily activities the Frontier Town staff has planned! Hit up the game room or just go sight seeing. If you want, you can even spend a night camping! There is so much to do at this West Ocean City amusement park and campground!
  3. For some fast, exciting fun, head over to Grand Prix Family Amusements in West Ocean City! There are go-karts for all ages and bumper boats for water lovers. Climb high above the world on the climbing wall or hit the arcade. But don’t let the fun stop before you hit the batting cages! And once you’ve worked up a healthy appetite, grab a bite at the snack bar! The Grand Prix Amusement Park is the perfect place to spend a day!
  4. Drive out to Salisbury and catch a baseball game at the Arthur Perdue Stadium! Watch the Delmarva Shorebirds kick butt and enjoy classic baseball snacks! For the sports fans out there, this is the best way to spend an afternoon!
  5. If you’re looking for a great place to shop, White Marlin Mall and Tanger Outlets are perfect. White Marlin is located in West Ocean City, just on the other side of the Route 50 bridge. Tanger Mall is located in Rehobeth. Shop at awesome stores for less! For the shopaholic in your family, these outlets are the perfect outlet.

This vacation, don’t restrict your fun to Ocean City. Shoreline Properties challenges you to explore the whole Eastern Shore and experience the peninsula like the locals do!

Fun is Free in Ocean City!

Looking for some fun activities to do with the family while also saving money? Look no farther! Here are some of our most popular attractions right here in Ocean City absolutely free!

  1. Sundaes in the Park- Visit Northside Park (125th Street) on Sundays for free ice cream and a firework show! What could be better than a cooling, yummy treat and fireworks?
  2. Movies on the Beach- While drive-in movies are a thing of the past, movies on the beach are only getting more and more popular! On Mondays and Fridays at 8:30 p.m. all summer long, head down to the 27th Street beach and catch a flick. If you can’t make one of those shows, head over to the 118th Street beach (by the Carousel) on Wednesdays at 8:30 and watch something there!
  3. Family Beach Olympics- Does your family enjoy a little competition? Tuesdays at the 27th Street beach from 6:30-8:30 p.m. is the place for you! Take part in sand castle contests, tug-of-war, relay races, and more! Don’t miss the chance to show Ocean City what your family is made of!
  4. OC Museum Programs- Is your family more on the inquisitive side? Head over to the Ocean City Life-Saving Museum at the Inlet at 10 a.m. Monday- Saturday and learn all about beach safety, knotting, sharks, and so much more! You can also witness feedings at the aquarium! For the future marine biologist in your life, this is one experience you can’t miss.
  5. OC Beach Dance Party- Let loose with your family at the Carolina Street Stage on the beach Tuesdays from 7- 9 p.m. and watch DJ Batman blow your mind! Rock out and shake it to live entertainment or just sit back and relax. Don’t miss the exciting guest performances and theme nights! For all you music lovers, this is the perfect place to dance the night away!

We at Shoreline Properties want you to have to most enjoyable vacation possible, so we keep our eyes and ears open for all variety of excitement Ocean City has to offer. If you’re looking for a little less stress this vacation, don’t miss all the free fun we have for everyone!

Why Cry? Get WiFi!

One of the most-asked questions at any rental agency is, “Does my unit have WiFi?” In most cases, the answer is an emphatic yes! But some owners opt not to offer WiFi and sometimes the connection decides it just doesn’t want to work. Although we will work and do all we can to get any non-functioning WiFi back up and running, there are other options in the meantime. There are several places in Ocean City that offer WiFi for free! You’re never forced to go without with this handy list by your side:

  1. Ocean City Public Library- 100th Street
  2. McDonald’s- 32nd & 123rd Streets
  3. Northside Park- 125th Street
  4. Convention Center- 40th Street
  5. Somerset St. Plaza- Near Boardwalk

At any one of these places, pull out your phone and look for the SSID “OCMDFreePublic.” You’ll be surfing the web in no time!

It’s Independence Day!!!

It’s Fourth of July weekend and we here at Shoreline Properties couldn’t be more excited to spend the holiday with you! If you’re wondering where to go for some fireworks and fun, wonder no more. Ocean City features several amazing firework displays you won’t want to miss. Head over to the N. Division Street beach for a concert and fireworks. You can also spend the evening at Northside Park and enjoy the live music and firework show. If you’re not going to get to be here for the main event, the N. Division Street beach features firework shows all summer long! For the exact dates and time, check out Ocean City’s website. However you choose to celebrate the holiday, we at Shoreline wish you a happy one.

July Events

Coming up in July, we have a lot of fun events and activities in Ocean City! Shoreline Properties wants to help you plan your vacation accordingly so you can enjoy all we have to offer! Our most anticipated events are our firework shows. Here are all the exciting events we have this month (free events denoted with a *):
July 3-7: Starpower Believe- Convention Center, 40th Street
July 4: Concert & Fireworks*- N. Division Street Beach
July 4: Concert & Fireworks*- Northside Park, 125th Street
July 8: Captain Craig Swim- 14th Street Beach
July 14-16: Ocean City Tuna Tournament- Ocean City Fishing Center, West OC
July 19-23: Starpower National Talent Competition- Convention Center, 40th Street
July 24-29: Starpower Revolution- Convention Center, 40th Street
July 28-31: Greek Festival- Convention Center, 40th Street
July 29: OC Beach Patrol Crew Competition*- N. Division Street Beach
July 31- August 2: Jesus at the Beach- Convention Center and N. Division Street