Labor Day in Ocean City

Looking for an easy, stress-free way to spend Labor Day during your Ocean City vacation? Look no farther! Shoreline Properties invites you to the Labor Day movie event! On September 2nd, head on down to Northside Park on 125th Street for a 7pm feature film! Have a picnic dinner under the twilight and take in a film, all free of charge! You don’t want to miss this evening of fun! For more information, call Kim Allison at 410-250-0125!

End of Summer Vacation Vacation!

Just because the summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean the fun has to! You won’t want to miss out on our excellent off-season prices and flexible dates! Take off one more weekend with us or fake sick for a few days and sneak off to Ocean City! Shoreline Properties still has plenty of great condos and houses for you to spend one last romp at! Check out what we’ve got left right here on our website or give us a call at 1-800-492-5832! We want to help you make the summer fun last!

Solar Eclipse in Ocean City, MD!

We here at Shoreline Properties are super psyched for the solar eclipse on August 21st! This scientific phenomenon hasn’t been visible in the United States for over 25 years! But where is the best place to witness the majesty of outer space in Ocean City? Well, Shoreline Properties has a few suggestions. Head over to Northside Park on 125th Street and have a picnic under the midday “night” sky. Lay out on the beach and watch the darkness creep over the shore. Or, watch from your own balcony, deck, or porch! Don’t miss the chance to experience this rare occasion to the fullest! Just do us a favor and don’t look at it for too long. After all, you’re still looking at the hot Ocean City sun!

Beep, Beep! It’s Jeep Week!

Calling all Jeep owners and Jeep enthusiasts! Don’t miss Ocean City’s last summer hurrah, starting August 24 and going until August 27th! OC Jeep Week is the car event of the summer! There are so many exciting attractions over the course of these five days! Check out vintage Jeeps at the Convention Center, watch drivers complete crazy, off-road obstacles in the Jeep Jam, take part in the Beach Crawl, and visit all the unique vendors! Check out Ocean City’s official Jeep Week website for more information, including dates, times, and registration!

Shoreline Properties will be there! Will you?

The Beach Boys Come to OC!

Don’t miss the chance to see living legends live right here in Ocean City! Shoreline Properties is here today with the scoop. On August 23rd, head on down to the Ocean City Performing Arts Center at either 4:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. and watch The Beach Boys rock out at one of two shows! Purchase your tickets today before they sell out!

Shoot Me a Text!

We here at Shoreline Properties value efficiency. We also value your vacation. Given this, we came up with a brand new system that will help you maximize your Ocean City stay. As our hard-at-work cleaners finish each property, that increases the chances of good news for you! If your property becomes ready before the 3:00 check-in, we’ll send you a text. As soon as you receive that text, come on down to our office and pick up your keys! Thanks to our new texting system, early check-in is now a possibility. Just keep a lookout for that text from Shoreline, and get an early start on your Ocean City vacation!

Date Night in Ocean City!

Ocean City has a long-held reputation of being a family-friendly resort. We’ve got so many activities for kids and adults alike. But sometimes… you need a break from the kids and a little quality time with your significant other. And we’ve got plenty of attractions for you lovebirds as well! Here are five places we at Shoreline Properties recommend for a night on the town with your beloved:
1. Fager’s Island: Fager’s is one of Ocean City’s more upscale restaurants. It features delicious cuisine, live bands, and even a club! It’s a great place to grab dinner and a show. Hundreds of couples flock to this amazing restaurant every year, and you should too.
2. Sunset Grille: For a real romantic meal, take your loved one to this swanky restaurant right on the bay! Enjoy gourmet food and watch the sun set over the water. It’s a peaceful, serene environment that’ll have you staring into each others’ eyes for hours.
3. Seacrets: This club is one of our most famous attractions, and for good reason. Take your partner for dinner and dancing, or just to lounge with a drink in your hands. Enjoy live music and talented DJs and dance the night away!
4. Sun & Surf Cinema: If you’re not up for much activity, go on a movie date! This theater is the perfect place to just relax and take in a film together. Recently renovated, this theater has comfy recliners instead of traditional theater seats. Reserve your seats ahead of time, and maybe you can snag one of the two-person love seats! Relive your youth on a good, old-fashioned movie date night.
5. The Shore: If you’re not looking for a fuss (or something that costs money), go for a walk along the beach! Watching the sun set over the ocean is one of the most romantic things in the world. Walk along the edge and talk or just stroll in companionable silence. For the couple who likes the simple things in life, this is the perfect date spot for you!
Whether you’re adventurous or chill, there are so many options for a vacation date night you’ll remember for a long time to come! Shoreline Properties wishes you a happy vacation and a happy love!

Just Keep Swimming- Safely!

Everyone loves to swim in the ocean! The salt of the sea and motion of the waves provide hours of fun and relaxation. But please bare in mind: the ocean is a wild force, controlled by the tides. While you’re having fun on your Ocean City vacation, be sure you’re being safe. Here are some tips from Shoreline Properties on staying safe in the ocean:

  1. Pay attention to the tides and roughness of the waves. If you don’t think you can handle rougher waves, take a break from swimming. If you think you can, always keep your bearings. Keep your spot on the beach and a lifeguard in sight. Watch out for the people around you. Look ahead to the waves that are coming next. Always remain aware of your surroundings.
  2. Stay updated on the presence of riptides. Certain areas of the Ocean City beach are prone to riptides. If you are unsure if one could be near, ask a lifeguard. If you see people avoiding a certain area, stay away from that area: it is very probably a riptide. If you find yourself caught in a riptide, swim to the side, not toward the shore. If you swim sideways, you will free yourself from the rip current. From there, you can swim to shore.
  3. Never leave children unattended. Make sure they are always in your sight and easy to reach in an emergency. Children may not know their limits or understand that the water is too rough. Remove children from currents you do not think they can handle.
  4. Take breaks. You don’t want to tire yourself. This will make it harder to swim if you find yourself caught in a particularly rough current. Even if you don’t feel tired, be sure to take several breaks throughout the day. Enforce breaks for your children, especially since they will likely need more than you. Conserve your energy just in case the tide gets a little too rough.
  5. Please, please, please only swim when a lifeguard is present. It is far easier to lose control in the ocean than in a lake or pool. Even if you are a very good swimmer, please only swim when there is a professional who can help if something happens. The ocean does not care if you make it back to shore, but we at Shoreline Properties do.

If you follow these tips, we here at Shoreline are certain you will remain safe while swimming the day away. We love our ocean, but we love our guests even more. Now, head to the beach and enjoy all Ocean City has to offer!

August Events

Coming up in August, we have a lot of fun events and activities in Ocean City! Shoreline Properties wants to help you plan your vacation accordingly so you can enjoy all we have to offer! Our most anticipated event is the annual White Marlin Fishing Tournament. Here are all the exciting events we have this month (free events denoted with a *):
August 5: Beach 5 Sand Soccer- Talbot Street to 1st Street Beach
August 7-11: White Marlin Open Fishing Tournament- Harbour Island Marina, 14th Street
August 9-13: Artists Paint OC: A Plein Air Event- Center for the Arts, 94th Street
August 17-19: Capt. Steve Harman’s Poor Girls Open- Bahia Marina, 21st & 22nd Streets
August 19: ESA Summer Surf Series- 46th Street Beach
August 19: Wings and Wheels Expo- Ocean City Airport, West OC
August 23: The Beach Boys- Performing Arts Center, 40th Street
August 24-27: Ocean City Jeep Week*
August 27- September 10: Ocean City Hotel Week (excluding Labor Day weekend)- Participating hotels