February 2020 Ocean City Events

Coming up in February, we have a lot of fun events and activities in Ocean City! Shoreline Properties wants to help you plan your vacation accordingly so you can enjoy all we have to offer! Our most anticipated events are the Ocean City Indoor Cup and the Seaside Boat Show. Here are all the exciting events we have this month:

Feb. 7-9: Ocean City Indoor Cup- Northside Park, 125th Street
Feb. 14-16: Seaside Boat Show- Convention Center, 40th Street
Feb. 21-23: Ocean City Indoor Cup- Northside Park
Feb. 22-23: Reach the Beach: Rec & School- Convention Center
Feb. 28-Mar. 1: St. Patrick’s Indoor Soccer Tournament- Northside Park
Feb. 29: Shorecraft Beerfest Love on Tap- Convention Center

It’s never too early to come to Ocean City, MD! Shoreline Properties has countless wonderful condos and townhouses where you can stay for your first getaway of the new decade!

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