July 2019 Events

Coming up in July, we have a lot of fun events and activities in Ocean City! Shoreline Properties wants to help you plan your vacation accordingly so you can enjoy all we have to offer! Our most anticipated events are the July 4th Concert and Fireworks and the Greek Festival. Here are all the exciting events we have this month:

July 1-5: Starpower Believe- Convention Center, 40th Street

July 4: July 4th Concert and Fireworks- N. Division Street Beach (FREE EVENT)

July 4: July 4th Concert and Fireworks- Northside Park, 125th Street (FREE EVENT)

July 9-13: Starpower World Championship- Convention Center

July 12-14: Ocean City Tuna Tournament- Ocean City Fishing Center, West OC

July 20: Ocean Games- Caroline Street & Beach

July 26-28: Greek Festival- Convention Center (FREE EVENT)

July 26-28: HUK Big Fish Classic- Talbot Street Pier

July 27: Illuminate OC- Mindy, Body, and Spirit Festival- Convention Center

July 29-31: Jesus at the Beach Music & Ministry Festival- Convention Center & N. Division Street Beach (FREE EVENT)

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