Stay Safe on Your Vacation!

Ocean City is a great place to be! There’s so much fun to be had and plenty of ways to relax. But with all the visitors, it can get a little hectic. Shoreline Properties would like to provide you with a few tips to stay safe on your summer vacation.

  1. Please use the crosswalks when crossing the highway. No one wants to wait to have fun, but jaywalking is not only dangerous but illegal. Please bare in mind that there is lots of traffic in the summer going very fast and utilizing the crosswalks is the best way to get from here to there. Wait for the crosswalk light to tell you it’s safe to cross and then head on over to whatever exciting attraction you wish!
  2. Please drive safely and stay with the flow of traffic. There’s a lot of stop-and-go traffic in the summer, so watch out for the cars around you. Additionally, watch out for the bikers in the bike lane. They cannot go as fast as motor vehicles and are in a far more vulnerable position that you. Be aware of your surroundings and drive safe.
  3. Please watch for cars when you ride your bike in the bike lane. While you are entitled to ride in that lane, keep in mind that you are vulnerable on the open-air, slow-moving bikes. If a car gets into the lane behind you, move onto the sidewalk until they pass. At night, be sure you have reflective gear on your bike and that you wear bright colors so you can be seen. Stay vigilant and bike safely.
  4. Please be careful on balconies. Never sit on the railing or concrete guarding. Keep an eye on children sticking their heads between the bars.┬áDon’t let small children on the balcony unsupervised. Balconies are for relaxing and taking in the view, not accidents.
  5. Stay updated on the tides. Swim carefully in rough waves. Always obey the lifeguards. If you find yourself stuck, swim sideways instead of forward. Never leave children unattended. We want your ocean experience to be both safe and fun!

As long as you follow these tips, you’ll be A-okay all vacation long. Shoreline Properties cares about our guests and aims to ensure you have the best vacation possible. Stay safe, and you’ll find Ocean City has a lot more to offer!

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