This Party is (Not) on Fire!

Get on your big bright red truck and head down to Ocean City, Maryland this June! It’s time for the 126th Annual Firemen’s Convention! For three whole days, celebrate the heroes who protect us from one of nature’s cruelest tricks! Whether you’re an acting firefighter, an aspiring firefighter, or just a supporter, this convention is fun for everyone! This year’s convention is sure to be a blast!

Every year we honor the people of the State of Maryland Fire and Rescue Services with a convention and conference, and every year fun is had along the way. It’s a great chance to meet the firefighters who keep our great state as flame-free as can be! There are also loads of exhibits to check out! From June 18th through June 20th, spend your days fighting fire with firemen!

The festivities begin Monday June 18th with the Opening Ceremonies at 8:30am! During the week, take part in training opportunities and enjoy seminars! It’s a great way to decide if you want to be a fireman too! Of course, as we gather together, we must also honor the fallen. The Memorial Service is on Sunday June 17th at 7pm.

Each day of this convention has its own hours, so make sure you get to the Roland E. Powell Convention Center on time to join in on the fun! Monday’s festivities last from 8:30am to 4pm; Tuesday’s last from 9am to 4pm; Wednesday’s last from 9am to 12pm. Come join us in honoring and celebrating the wonderful people of Maryland’s Fire and Rescue Services!

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