Tidy is Mighty!

Is there a sadder day than check-out day? After all the fun of your vacation, it’s tough to go back to the real world. You’re exhausted and stressed, getting everything together until you say goodbye (at least until next time!). Sometimes you may forget a few things in the scuffle. Here we have compiled a few helpful hints for the morning of your check-out:

  1. Empty all trashcans and dump the bags either down the trash chute (usually found in the building hallway) or the closest dumpster (usually found behind almost any building).
  2. Wash all the dishes you and your party used and place them back where you originally found them. It is your responsibility to clean the dishes you used, as cleaners do not wash dishes.
  3. If you moved any furniture, please return it to its original position.
  4. Double check every room, closet, and drawer for any personal items. We do not ship any items left behind. If the cleaners or following tenants find anything, you must arrange for your own shipping.
  5. Make sure all sliding glass doors are locked, all windows are closed, and lock the front door.

Thank you so much for renting with Shoreline. We hope to see you again for your next vacation!

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