Why Cry? Get WiFi!

One of the most-asked questions at any rental agency is, “Does my unit have WiFi?” In most cases, the answer is an emphatic yes! But some owners opt not to offer WiFi and sometimes the connection┬ádecides it just doesn’t want to work. Although we will work and do all we can to get any non-functioning WiFi back up and running, there are other options in the meantime. There are several places in Ocean City that offer WiFi for free! You’re never forced to go without with this handy list by your side:

  1. Ocean City Public Library- 100th Street
  2. McDonald’s- 32nd & 123rd Streets
  3. Northside Park- 125th Street
  4. Convention Center- 40th Street
  5. Somerset St. Plaza- Near Boardwalk

At any one of these places, pull out your phone and look for the SSID “OCMDFreePublic.” You’ll be surfing the web in no time!

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