Vacation Rental Policy: Information For A Happy Vacation

  1. Adeposit of half of the rental amount is due when the reservation is made, so have your credit card number and expiration date ready. The final balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival. Personal check will be accepted if received 30 days prior to check-in. Final balance includes a total of 11.00% State and room tax, damage deposit or Damage Waiver Fee, and a processing fee. Acceptable payment on arrival in cash, certified check, money order, and travelers checks Occupancy: The property owners, whom we represent, have instructed us not to rent to non-family, high school, or college groups. We rent to families and responsible adults over the age of 25. Occupancy should not exceed the maximum limit set in the property. Identification of all occupants must be furnished upon request. Violation of any of these policies can result in denial of access to the property, cancellation of the reservation, and/or immediate removal from the property without refund.
    Guest shall not sell or assign this agreement or sublet the property or any part, and at all time during the lodging period person listed as Guest shall be present in and use the lodging as his or her residence. Guest must be present and obtain keys in person. Guest must sign the lodging agreement and return to Shoreline Properties within ten(10) days or agent reserve the right to cancel. NO PERSONAL OR BUSINESS CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED ON DAY OF CHECK IN. If a last minute reservation is made, there are no refunds for cancellations at any time. We strongly recommend that you purchase trip insurance if you feel for any reason that you might have to change your plans. Last minute reservations made within 20 days of arrival require immediate payment of half of the rental amount on a credit card and the rest of the balance via overnight mail in cashier check or money order. Overnight mail must include certified fund and signed lease agreement.
  2. Cancellation: All cancellations should be made in writing. Reservations canceled within 24 hours after deposit will be charged $80 cancellation fee. Any cancellation after the first 24 hours will be subject to regular cancellation and will result in loss of that deposit unless the rental agent is able to re-rent the apartment. If re-rented, a 16% service charge of the total rent will be made and the balance of the deposit will be refunded to the lodger. Unless notified Guests arriving more than twenty-four hours late will lose all deposit money and forfeit all rights to the property. Properties cannot be exchanged or transferred for other properties. If the final balance is not paid 30 days prior to your arrival date Shoreline Properties reserves the right to cancel. No refunds due to "Acts of God."
  3. Guest shall not be entitled to any refund for (a) inoperative appliances or air conditioners. Agent, however, upon being notified of any malfunction, will make every reasonable effort to have any such appliances or air conditioners promptly repaired. (b) Guest shall not be entitled to any refund for Acts of God (including without limitation, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricanes or natural disaster, epidemics, pandemics, viral or communicable disease outbreaks (including COVID-19), entry restrictions, evacuation or interruption or failure of electricity or phone service). If guests purchased trip cancellation insurance please refer to insurance for coverage. (c) Closing of pool or common elements, theft or other things outside the control of the owner. The opening and closing of the pool and other amenities are at the discretion of each building. Owners and Agents are not responsible for their actions. Owners and agents are not responsible for guest's allergic reactions to pet dander, smoke or other causes in or around the property.
  4. Check In Time: 3 p. m. to 6 p. m. Late arrivals should make advance arrangements with SHORELINE PROPERTIES, INC.
  5. Check In Place: SHORELINE PROPERTIES OFFICE ONLY, not at rental property.
  6. Damage Waiver Program: The signing occupant of the unit is financially responsible for any damage to a property, whether made by himself, his family, or his guests. We have implemented a policy to relieve you of the worry of the accidental damage. A $65-$85 non-refundable "Damage Waiver Program" fee will be added to your reservation. We realize accidents happen and this will eliminate the possibility of charges for minor accidental damages. This covers accidental damage up to $1,000. The signing occupant will still be responsible for damages that are deliberate.
  7. Check Out Time: on or before 10 a. m. Prompt check out is expected. Return all keys, pool tags, and parking permits to the office of SHORELINE PROPERTIES. Do not leave keys in apartment.
  8. Telephone: If telephone service is important to you during your vacation, check with SHORELINE PROPERTIES to see if telephone service is in the apartment. If telephone is provided most are on long distance blocking, which means all calls must be made on your credit card. Not all units have phones. We do not give refunds for "No Telephone Service."
  9. Cleaning: Cleaning teams must occupy the unit sharply at 10 a. m. to properly prepare the apartment for the next tenant. Please cooperate by leaving promptly.
  10. Television/VCR: Provided in some apartments as a courtesy of the owner. In the event of failure, repairs may not be possible. It is recommended that you bring a portable TV or VCR with you or be prepared to rent one if television is essential to you.
  11. CATV: Means that the cable antenna system is supplied in the apartment and good reception of ten channels can be expected. It does not mean there is a television in the apartment. Unless specified, apartments do not have Home Box Office (HBO).
  12. All Apartments rented weekly, have bedspreads, pillows, dishes, flatware, cooking equipment and toasters. Linens/towels are included with every rental. Please bring with you light blankets, beach towels, extra pillows, personal toiletries, and cleaning and laundry supplies. BRING any special items that you find necessary for your comfort and convenience. Sleep sofas are provided in most apartments, however, they are meant for the use of an overnight guest or small children up to age 16.
  13. Infants & Small Children: If your child needs special equipment, such as high chairs, strollers, cribs, etc., BRING THEM WITH YOU. Most apartments make no provision for children's items.
  14. Beach Chairs and Beach Blankets: These are necessary items when you vacation at the beach, and they are not supplied in most apartments. BRING them with you.
  15. Rental Service: Rented at reasonable rates. Please call toll free: Ocean City Crib & TV 1-800-422-2742.
  16. No Pets. No smoking No vaping of any kind.
  17. Parking is very limited in Ocean City, so do not bring unnecessary cars. Most high-rise buildings have a registration fee and assigned parking for only one car, and will assign only one pass. VANS, CAMPERS & TRAILERS are not allowed to park in buildings parking lot. People staying in these vehicles may not use facilities of building. Tenants must comply with building parking rules.
  18. Charcoal Grill fires are not allowed on balconies or decks of multiple-unit buildings. FIRE ORDINANCE.
  19. Loud Music, Noises or Parties are a violation of the local police ordinances, and a violation of your lease.Ocean City has adopted a noise control ordinance that makes it unlawful to cause or permit noise levels which exceed those established by the Department of the Environment of the State of Maryland (COMAR or are in violation of Chapter 30, Article V of the Town Code. It shall be a violation of this agreement and grounds for eviction under Maryland law if these noise levels are exceeded as a result of activity on this property. Ocean City has other noise ordinances, which are criminal offenses if violated
  20. Clothesline & Towels: Condominium rules do not allow towels hanging over the balcony or clothes hanging from homemade clotheslines.
  21. Swimming Pools: Most outdoor pools are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Some indoor pools are open only on weekends during the offseason. Check with agent for details about your rental. Children not toilet trained are not allowed in most condominium pools. Toddlers not allowed in pool.
  22. Inspection of your rental property before renting is recommended, however, if you cannot make a personal inspection, we at SHORELINE PROPERTIES will do our best to accurately and honestly describe the property to you. SHORELINE PROPERTIES will not be responsible however, if rental is made without inspection and tenant is dissatisfied upon occupancy. Once confirmation deposit is received, no refunds or exchanges will be permitted.
  23. Off Season Rentals: Even though rates are not listed many apartments will rent weeks, part-weeks and weekends during the offseason. Call SHORELINE, toll free, for more information.
  24. Additional Rental Units may be available and not printed, due to early printing deadline. If you cannot find what you need, call us toll free.
  25. Printing Errors: Great care has gone into the preparation of this website and brochure, however, some printing errors may occur. SHORELINE PROPERTIES will not be responsible for these errors.
  26. Tax Exempt: Persons requesting tax exempt status must do so on initial reservation, and a copy of the tax exempt certificate must be provided at time of deposit.
  27. Boat & Trailer: If you are bringing a boat and trailer you will have to make your own arrangements where to put boat in water and where to store the trailer. City law prohibits the parking of a trailer on city streets and most condo associations will not allow parking of boats or trailers on their lot.
  28. Tall Vehicle: Some buildings have underground parking and have low clearance. If you have a high profile vehicle, you should check about "under building" parking clearance.
  29. Mail: If you must have mail sent to you while staying in Ocean City have it sent care of SHORELINE PROPERTIES. Never have it sent to the building where you are staying.
  30. Lock Out Charge: There is a $50.00 charge for people locked out after office hours.
  31. Shoreline Properties is not responsible for items left behind tenants check out, please check unit to get all your personal belongings with you. We appreciate your business, our staff can not guarantee the delivery of items found in the unit, separate arrangements can be made from tenants.
  32. If vacation insurance protection is desired please ask the rental agent for more details or look on the bottom of your lodging agreement for the optional payment amount and send a separate check payable to Shoreline Properties before your final deposit is paid. This will protect your vacation investment from unforeseen circumstances such as illness and or injuries. You can click here CSA INSURANCE to download more information.
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