Posted on 6/28/2017

Hints & Tips for Your Ocean City Escape!

Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned vet, we could all benefit from some great hints and tips that will help make your vacation smooth and fun for everyone! Here are some we've collected over our 30 years of loyal service in this great resort town:
  1. Eating out is fun, but some days it's easier to stay in. There are several grocery stores located throughout Ocean City for your convenience, including a new Walmart Supercenter on Route 50.
  2. Swim safely! If your rental property has a pool, please be aware that there may not be a lifeguard on duty. Keep an eye on every member of your party, especially kids. And remember, children must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  3. Forgot your beach supplies? No problem! Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent all along the beach.
  4. Do you have no where to park? No worries! If you have more cars than parking spaces, there is always street parking available all over Ocean City. Best of all, it's completely free!
  5. Traveling around Ocean City to get to all the amazing attractions can be a real hassle. Instead of fighting the traffic, take the bus. It's just $3 a day!
  6. Pesky sand getting everywhere? Avoid tracking it into your rental by making use of the outdoor showers. Some buildings have them located right on their side, but you can also find them along the Boardwalk and Dunes. Rinse off your family and all your beach supplies. Additionally, we recommend you leave your beach supplies in the car or a storage closet, if one is provided.
  7. Keep cool by keeping steady! Avoid adjusting temperature settings or leaving the freezer door open for long periods of time. We recommend keeping all air conditioning set at a cool 70 degrees.
  8. Don't stress; just relax! Many TVs have more than one remote; be sure you use the correct remote to change channels or access other features.
  9. Spend with a plan, Stan! We offer many coupon books and activity pamphlets. Stock up when you check in and use them throughout your stay!
  10. While vacation is a time to let loose, we ask that you treat all furniture with care. Employ some "house rules," so you can avoid any breakage or damage.
With these tips and trick by your side, you're sure to have an amazing vacation! We at Shoreline look forward to seeing you this summer!
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