Owner Benefits

With many ways to rent your property, why choose Shoreline Properties? We can offer you individualized service to help you maximize your rentals and income. Shoreline’s incredible services include:


1.    Worry-Free Management: Shoreline Properties will take charge of renting and maintenancing your property. We see to all of your guests’ needs and screen prospective guests to ensure your property is only rented to responsible families. Never stress over summertime rentals again. 

2.    Cleaning and Inspections: We will clean your property after each tenant and inspect for damage between rentals. We also offer deep cleanings before and after the summer season.

3.    In-House Maintenance: Our hard-working maintenance staff works daily in case guests have any problems during their trip. We also work closely with local HVAC companies, plumbers, and electricians. No matter what the issue, we will resolve it on your behalf. 

4.    Marketing: Shoreline’s software is seamlessly integrated with third-party travel websites in order to maximize your web presence. We run multiple email campaigns throughout the year and spotlight different properties on our website. Our effective advertising strategy will ensure you reservations and increase your income.

5.    Professional Photos & Virtual Tours: We all know that photos sell. We will take photos that really show how desirable your property is. We also offer both True Place and D3 virtual tours to give prospective tenants a 3D concept of your property.

6.    Flexible Rental Programs: We tailor our rental program to your needs. Whether you want to do weekly rentals or mini-weeks, we will help you choose the perfect program to increase your revenue and your occupancy.

7.    Quality Control: Shoreline Properties can recommend tips and tricks to help ensure your property is ready each summer season. Simple things like a fresh coat of paint on the wall or deep cleaning your carpet and furniture go a long way in making your property look like new.

8.    Build Relationships: We are a family-owned and run company, so we know how important it is to foster relationships with our clients. We will work with you directly to ensure we are managing your property and rentals the way you like. We also form relationships with our guests, ensuring they come back to rent your property every year. You want to know your property is in good hands, so work with a company you can trust.