Posted on 5/12/2023

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Ocean City MD

Looking for the right place to grab a meal with the whole family and that the kids will actually enjoy... We've got you covered!

Alley oops - Located in uptown and midtown OC, this restaurant offers arcade games and mini bowling. It makes a great rainy day activity at the beach!

The next 3 restaurants all have playgrounds the kids can enjoy while waiting for the food to come out.

  1. Fishtales- Located in downtown OC is my personal favorite, and as a bonus they have hammock chairs the parents can enjoy while watching their children play.
  2. Dead Freddies-Located in midtown OC, this place has a really energetic vibe and makes a great buffalo chicken wrap.
  3. Ropewalk- They make a great shrimp salad sandwich, I highly recommend! I also think Ropewalk offers the best bay views for enjoying the sunset while eating your dinner.

If you're looking for breakfast restaurants Barn 34 and Layton's are arguably the best in town. Barn 34 offers a cool hip surfer atmosphere and outstanding food. Layton's is a must try OC staple, plus they offer homemade donuts I'm sure the kids would enjoy! Barn 34 is located on 34th street, as the name would suggest ;), and Layton's has 2 locations, one uptown and one downtown.

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