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Shoreline Properties Stands with the local community 

Supporting Local Businesses As a family owned business for over 30 years Shoreline Properties is part of the Ocean City community. During this difficult time, these small businesses have suffered tremendously. With many annual events being cancelled in advance we also know the summer will not bring as many visitors as normal. But here at Shoreline Properties we hope that we can help bring business back to Ocean City and help businesses recover some of their footing in the current economy. 


With this responsibility of trying to help the local economy also comes the responsibility of making sure our guests are being precautious and making sure to keep the safety of our locals in mind. 

The Beach and Boardwalk are open 

On May 9th, the local Ocean City government allowed the opening of the beaches and boardwalk for citizens. For more information about the reopening of the beach and boardwalk visit the link below: (?https://oceancitymd.gov/oc/mayor-opens-beach-boardwalk-inlet-parking-lot-on-may-9/?) 


The NEW “Norm” 

With the reopening of the economy we are welcoming in the “new normal” that is circling us. We are excited about the reopening of Ocean City but we will be making sure that our guests are practicing safe social distancing habits. 


We are informing our guests of our local distancing rules and CDC suggestions for effective social distances rules in order to keep our local community safe. This includes asking guests to make sure to bring their own Personal Protection Equipment to abide by local laws. 


Check in/out Procedure?  

We are modifying check-in and check-outs so that we can properly follow CDC cleaning guidelines, and also modifying to curbside check-in/check-out so that we can practice effective social distancing. 


This will include having check-in and check-out outside if possible so that safe social distancing practices can be met and our guests feel comfortable while checking in and out of our properties. 


We will continue to provide our welcome package at the start of your vacation to provide guests with the materials needed for their stay. 


Cleaning/ maintenance procedure

All our cleaners are independent contractors and are asked to clean the unit based on the CDC guidelines.  They are using there PPE to protect themself and the guests going in the property. Our cleaners are instructed to disinfect all hard surfaces, light switches, doorknobs, wipe down the kitchen cabinets.. and much more. The property will be cleaned upon arrival and not during your stay.

Maintenance required. If you have an issue if the unit we will love to help you and fix the issue. you need to call our office and our maintenance person will be in the unit only if you are away to eliminate social contact, protecting you and our maintenance people.


Opening of the pools and gyms.  

   Most of the pools will not be open during this time until we are informed by buildings managers.

What to bring with you?

Please for your safety you need to bring your own blankets, cleaning supplies, sheets, towels, pillows, and pillowcases. 

We are asking for guests to bring their own Personal Protective Equipment to abide by state and local laws, and if they are unable to, we are working on providing them with essential PPE. If you have any questions about what is needed please contact us at our office.


Safety is Shoreline Properties' number one priority while we attempt to help the financial recovery of the local community. Ocean City has been our home for over 30 years and we are all in this together. 



-Shoreline Properties